Premier Taxis SHB8509S – ★ Rude Driver

19 Apr 2017   Chua Wen Ting | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis
I tend to often close one eye and not review about rude drivers but this time round this driver really went overboard. I had a super bad experience with this driver. I boarded the taxi at compass one and told him my address. Throughout the trip, my mum and I was communicating in Chinese and when we were nearing our destination, we told the driver to ‘turn left’ in Chinese. We assumed it was a Chinese driver as he looked Chinese and even his particulars such as his name was in Chinese. He was super angry at that fact that we spoke Chinese to him and he told us rudely that not all taxi drivers are Chinese. We apologised for our assumption and explained why spoke Chinese to him(as stated above). He then exclaimed ‘Can’t you look at my particulars and tell that I am an Indian?’ At this point, we took a look again and confirmed that his particulars were not even there to state that he was an Indian driver. The name on the particulars stated that the name was ‘Chew Tuan Sok'(not very sure what the exact name was) and it was definitely a Chinese name. I believe the driver was a relief driver based on his point. He even brought in the fact that Lee Kuan Yew has already passed on and that all Singaporeans should be speaking English now??????? What has Lee Kuan Yew got to do with this matter? Towards the end he even said ask sarcastically ‘You think taking the taxi very big is it? I am only driving the taxi for fun’ Also, to add on our trip was only $5.65 if I wasn’t wrong and he only gave us a $4 change when we gave $10. We decided not to continue arguing with him as he was really rude and we wanted to get off the ride as soon as possible. I was utterly disappointed and annoyed with this kind of service attitude and i will avoid taking silver cab in the future.

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