Trans Cab SHC5669C – ★ Rude Driver

5 Apr 2017   Fareena Ismail | Taxi Company: Trans Cab
Further to our bad experience we had during our ride back home, i would like to lodge a complain on the driver who claims to be “Robert” driving the trans cab with plate number of SHC5669C during the time 1925 to 2000. We took the cab from Vivo City. The moment we took the cab and said that we want to go to west coast road, he replied me in an unhappy tone saying he don’t know how to go there. So i kindly told him that i want to go by west coast highway. Me and my fiance was talking to each other and noticed he was going to AYE which was not the way that we wanted. So we reminded him again kindly to go by west coast highway and he told us going by AYE is faster but we insisted on west coast highway and there, he said “nonsense. I’m already in the lane now you ask me go by west coast highway.” As stated earlier we already mentioned that we want to go by west coast highway from the start of the journey. Then we told him that he was being rude to call us nonsense and started shouting at us. We took a video for an evidence as he kept twisting his words and said that we are saying bad word calling him rude when rude was not a vulgarity. He even used his phone while driving trying to take a video of us and almost causing an accident as he kept steering violently and both his hands was not on the wheel. When my fiance ask if he knows who is he as he was taking photo of my fiance, he shouted “I DONT CARE IF YOU ARE A SULTAN OF JOHOR OR SOME VIP”. This may cause a big issue because he was discriminating the sultan of Johor. After a long argument I told him that my father will be coming down and we are going to call the police to settle this case as he was almost causing an accident while driving and being rude to us. So after he spoke to my father, he then shouted at my fiance to pay the taxi fare. All we wanted was him to apologize sincerely to us and we would definitely forget the matter as we are very forgiving couple. He kept insisting he had done nothing wrong when he had caused so much unhappiness. So then we decided to just pay him and forget about the matter as we knew that he would never apologize. But when he was driving away, he threatened my fiance that people will come find him and beat him up until he dies as he knows where we live and shouted “fuck you” at him after we wished him to have a long prosper life. We are so upset to have encountered such drivers when we are all Singaporeans and we should be living in an harmonious life. If really he claims that he had his taxi license in 1980 I’m not sure why he don’t know the way and how he could not go to the way we wanted.

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