SHB9850Z – ★ Being abandoned in no where


30 Nov 2016   Taxi Company: Transcab In this feedback, I would like to raise a concern regards to cab driver of SHB9850Z on 20th November 2016 1.41 pm. I took this cab from mandarin Gallery drop of point of the hotel when a tourist get off. The moment I get on, this driver told […]


SHC6397E – ★ It was a very bad experience


30 Nov 2016   Joseph | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis First, the driver complained about the location I am going to(Nee Soon Camp Side entrance). Second, he keep emphasizing on changing my exact drop-off location (from side entrance to main gate). Thirdly, he keep reminding me on this matter – there is high traffic. And […]


SHC5733A – ★ Driver was pretty rude.


28 Nov 2016   Taxi Company: Prime Taxi When I first entered the cab, I was a little turned off by the sandy and dirty floor. Was advising driver on the route (which I’ve been commuting for the last 8 years) and he raised his voice and said “I’m better than you”. I guess he […]


SHB6636X – ★ Dangerous


22 Nov 2016   Elaine | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi Driving really make me feel dangerous, didn’t drive with safety


SHD2749U – ★ Driver’s skill problem


21 Nov 2016   John | Taxi Company: Prime Taxi SHD2749U Driver on 21 Nov 2016 at 2145 hrs have very big problem with his driving skill. He is driving along TPE towards SLE on lane 1 but the left side tyres are on lane 2 throughout the journey. I strongly feel life threatening as […]


SHC8039 – ★ Scary!!!


21 Nov 2016   Lisa Tan-Koh | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis SHC 8039 white taxi…I was in another car and was almost witness to this cab banging pedestrians at red light traffic… Outside Great World City Kim Seng Road tonight 21 nov 2016 and time was 7.08 pm…The cab jambraked with brakes screeching and went […]


SHB1765P – ★ Cab driver smoked in cab


20 Nov 2016   Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis Despite having the no smoking sign in the cab, cab driver smoked in the cab and I had to inhale what was the remains of the smoke in the cab. It was terrible and I smelled like cigarette smoke exiting the cab.


SHB4738Z – ★ Disappointed


20 Nov 2016   Taxi Company: CityCab Lousy service, secret society


SHB3847B – ★ Trying to con and fight


20 Nov 2016   Alan | Taxi Company: CityCab Lousy service and con mire taxi fare


SHD2621D – ★ Reckless


13 Nov 2016   Joel Boh | Taxi Company: Prime Taxi I have had the utmost misfortune of taking Prime Taxi SHD2621D on 7/11/2016 from Changi Airport. Through the very short journey the driver did all of these things: 1) Raised his voice at me when I asked politely if he can turn up the […]