Prime Taxi SHD2621D – ★ Reckless

13 Nov 2016   Joel Boh | Taxi Company: Prime Taxi
I have had the utmost misfortune of taking Prime Taxi SHD2621D on 7/11/2016 from Changi Airport. Through the very short journey the driver did all of these things: 1) Raised his voice at me when I asked politely if he can turn up the air conditioning as it was almost non-existent in the rear seat. He said the problem was me and not the AC 2) Drove very dangerously at speeds of 95km/hr on small roads, cut in and out on other motorists while eating the car horn repeatedly in a very aggressive manner. Made many dangerous maneuvers and nearly hit a pedestrian crossing the road while the pedestrian green light was still blinking. Proceeded to sound his horn at the pedestrian. I never feared for my safety more, even when I had my seat belts on. 3) Informed me 5 minutes driving away from the airport that I better have small change in $10 notes. I said I only had $15 and $50 note on me. He cursed at me. Look, if you would have told me earlier before driving off to the ECP, I would have taken another cab instead. 4) Alighted me so close to a parked vehicle that I couldn’t open the cab door without bumping into the said vehicle. Driver proceeded to scream at me hurling insults and vulgarities. At this point, I was so scared and exhausted that I didn’t bother to argue back, just stepped out and walked away. Little did I know he would get out of his cab and continue stalking me while trying to pick a fight with me. Prime Taxi, for the good of future passengers, I greatly, strongly advise that you seek out said driver SHD2621D (receipt attached) and counsel him or even revoke his services with your company. A person who has strong anger issues should not be driving passengers on the road. It is not fair to other motorists as well. Hell, a person this angry should not be driving at all. There were many times in that short ride, I feared for my safety. I will be making a police report. Looking forward to hear that the company will take this seriously and take measures to investigate.

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