Trans Cab SHB9850Z – ★ Being abandoned in no where

30 Nov 2016   Taxi Company: Trans Cab

In this feedback, I would like to raise a concern regards to cab driver of SHB9850Z on 20th November 2016 1.41 pm. I took this cab from mandarin Gallery drop of point of the hotel when a tourist get off. The moment I get on, this driver told me the tourist gave a wrong address and he decided to drop the tourist off and not driving the tourist to the right location. I was shock to learn that and yet the tourist have to pay for a wrong place driven to.

As I was in a hurry, I couldn’t be bothered by it much. I was thinking he won’t be treating me the same as the tourist as I’m a local. I told the driver to be more on the ball as I’m rushing of time. I was shocked when he turned to a longer route behind Killiney road when we were still doing fine on the original route. Apparently I asked him why and he gave many reasons like he was guessing that it could be a jam later up front. Well… I replied that he could have asked me before making this decision but he got agitated. And said he want to head back to the previous route when I said just go ahead with this current longer route but ask me if when he wanted to change the route again. He just couldn’t agree with it and threaten to abandon me at a ‘no man land’ where’s long road with tall buildings and rarely any human around. Otherwise he would drop me at the police station and I agreed to but he changed his mind and not to drop me at police station. Instead, he stopped the cab in the middle of no where and chased my out despite I highlighted that the place he stopped at was ‘deserted’ . This place is quiet with rarely having people seen and cars, not to mention to get another cab. He just couldn’t be bothered about his passenger’s safety.

I was panicked as I’m alone and the condition of the place feared me out. Luckily, my mobile still have battery and called my friend to pick me up as she happened not to be too far from my location.

Just picture this, if it’s late night and this irresponsible driver just abandon a girl passenger half way at no where and whatever bad happens later which could be avoidable initially.

Please give a reasonable execution to this matter. Hope to hear from the management soon.

Complaint of Driver of cab number plate: SHB 9850Z

Your agony passenger with horror experience,

Ms Tan

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