Premier Taxis SHC8039 – ★ Scary!!!

21 Nov 2016   Lisa Tan-Koh | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis
SHC 8039 white taxi…I was in another car and was almost witness to this cab banging pedestrians at red light traffic… Outside Great World City Kim Seng Road tonight 21 nov 2016 and time was 7.08 pm…The cab jambraked with brakes screeching and went well past traffic line when red light was already on for a while … Luckily the mother and child were not at the point of pedestrian strip at traffic where and when this cab driver jambraked, otherwise it would have been a definite hit!! My hubby and I think he may have been looking down to see something and didn’t realise it was red light so he suddenly jambraked… Very scary if that child had been hit!!

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