SHA7660Z – ★★★★★ Excellent service by a very polite taxi driver


31 Oct 2013   Michelle | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi As soon as I hopped on the cab, the driver asked me to let him know if I was feeling cold. When I made a phone call, he turned the volume of the radio down. He was very polite throughout the entire journey and it […]


SHD63C – Dangerous driver


31 Oct 2013   Taxi Company: Transcab “I was waiting at the side of the Zebra crossing along Kovan just opposite The Tembusu showflat. This cab did not stop but accelerate instead. The date is 31/10/2013 around 8.20pm. He post a danger to pedestrian and to the passenger in his cab as well”


SHB42343D – Rude Taxi Driver


31 Oct 2013   Pedro | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi Hailed a Taxi a couple of minutes away from City Square Residences to the City Square condo, and from the moment I got in I realized that was a big mistake. Despite having stopped for me, the taxi driver proceeded to make it very clear […]


SHB4761E – Fare choosing taxi


31 Oct 2013   ckf83 | Taxi Company: CityCab i was at the enterence at 50 Gul road and the above cab just drop a passenger and the top turn to hire. i flag for it, it did a u turn in front of me and drove off. He definately saw me flagging it.




30 Oct 2013   Gin | Taxi Company: CityCab Thung Toh Hin – the kind of rude and pretentious taxi uncle who brings you on the long route and extremely impolite.


SHB8385G – Scary taxi experience


30 Oct 2013   Michelle | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis My friend & I boarded this cab from Changi Business Park just before midnight on 30 Oct, heading for Tiong Bahru & Jurong West. During the journey on AYE, we noticed he tend to drive to the left with sudden jerk, so we realized he […]




29 Oct 2013   Nur amalina binte abdullah | Taxi Company: Transcab The taxi driver was being very very rude n very inconsiderate!never even move a little bit forward to a-least help me to put my things and my stroller back in the the distance was quite far especially when i am carrying my […]


SH7346P – Bad


29 Oct 2013   Balan | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi Dear sir , we at siemens centre notice your cab driver vehicle SH7346P, on 28/10/13 at 5:54pm found driving into our basement carpark season holder lots. Despite our security stop him and question him he was very rude indeed and he threatened to pick our […]


SHB8237 – Great integrity


28 Oct 2013   Matthew Prosser | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi He was very helpful in returning my lost phone to me and a very nice man. His car number plate is 8237 Car model: hyundai Sonata CRDI


SHB7701J – The driver suck


28 Oct 2013   shawn | Taxi Company: Transcab We wanted to ride but he refused to accept children and we said things nicely already, he shouted at us and bang the boot door at us. Please do something about it. Very rude and unreasonable. Please do something about it. 4 passengers but unwilling to […]