Trans Cab SHD9209R – TERRIBLE

29 Oct 2013   Nur amalina binte abdullah | Taxi Company: Trans Cab

The taxi driver was being very very rude n very inconsiderate!never even move a little bit forward to a-least help me to put my things and my stroller back in the the distance was quite far especially when i am carrying my 7mths old son.the most he could do was jus stand at his bonnet to just see if my stroller did touch or damage his back of the taxi.when i ask if he could at least help me to carry some the things,he said that its not his job and of course he will not help.pls explain what kind of driver are u people having to drive a taxi nowadays???!its ridiculous!and he is still blabbering inside the taxi while he is still driving saying that he is not suppose to help as he is a taxi rude!pls advice on this write in that i have wrote.i wouldn’t want any one to have this experience while taking a taxi in singapore.especially foreigners.such a shame.

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