Comfort Taxi SHB42343D – Rude Taxi Driver

31 Oct 2013   Pedro | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

Hailed a Taxi a couple of minutes away from City Square Residences to the City Square condo, and from the moment I got in I realized that was a big mistake. Despite having stopped for me, the taxi driver proceeded to make it very clear it the worse possible way, that hailing a taxi outside of a taxi stop is not the proper way to call a taxi in Singapore.

As we were getting closer to the destination he started being extremely rude. I proceeded to tell him that there as no need for rudeness, he promptly responded screaming “”Rude? I stopped for you, that is not how you catch a taxi in Singapore.

Well, I am not from Singapore, most countries I have visited and lived in Taxis are supposed to spot when you hail them.
Is this really how Singapore want’s visitors to be treated? Even in the worse places, renowned for “”aggressive”” taxi drivers, they are typically polite to tourists and people that are not local. “

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