SAC7537L – An Insult from Taxi Driver


30 Sept 2013   Freda | Taxi Company: CityCab “To whom may it concern, This afternoon when my colleague (male) and I (female) finished visiting a customer at Telok Ayer Street and decided to take a taxi to Tiong Bahru Bakery shop before we going back office. We got the taxi of citycab via Taxi […]


SHC8179E – Bad attitude


30 Sept 2013   Dixon Koh | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi Hi.. Me and my friend got up on this cab on Sin Ming Ave and have told driver Aziz B Daud that we will be going to 2 places and also did told him that we will be stopping on the first location to […]


SHD999C – Driver with integrity and excellent service


28 Sept 2013   Cynthia Pang | Taxi Company: Transcab “The driver actually make a personal phone call to assure me that he is on his way and will be arriving very soon. I appreciate his gesture as I have recently encountered missing booked cab. After I got home, I realized I paid an extra […]




08 Sept 2013   nurhuda | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi “There’s no taxi and finally I got one.. I go inside the taxi and I say no 1 sims lane!! The taxi driver said what.. he don’t know… when I want to show him, he say don’t show… what kind of taxi driver are you???!.. […]


SHC4758K – thank you


27 Sept 2013   Ice | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis “i would like to thank this uncle driver who drove for me this morning. i left my stuff inside the taxi, when i reached my office, uncle looks like he is in a hurry and he was running just to give my stuff back:( I […]




22 Sept 2013   Audry Afrininta | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis “I have told the driver to take me to a place next to Lavender MRT. As we drove through victoria st, i asked him to go over the right lane because i needed him to turn right to the apt (southbank) right there on […]


sHa5448 – inconsiderate driver


17 Sept 2013   alfred low | Taxi Company: Transcab I was driving along middle road hoping to turn right to victoria street. Sha5448 sped up, flashed his headlights at me.




17 Sept 2013   F | Taxi Company: Prime Taxi waved a prime cab taxi numbered SHD 2722Y (unclearly handwritten, receipt number 43767) from telok ayer to hoy fatt rd off jalan bukit merah via outram rd. i always take the same route as i work part time around the area and my taxi fare […]


SHC4532U – Irresponsible driver


17 Sept 2013   Derrick | Taxi Company: Smart Cab The moment driver knew I stayed at Flora Drive, he started to show his unhappiness by speeding the taxi at 120/130 mph. When inside the apartment compound, I told him to turn left and go to the last block of that stretch. He just accelerated […]


SHB6215C – Verbally Insulted by Driver


16 Sept 2013   Tammie Zheng | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi “Dear Sir / Mdm I would like to express my dissatisfaction with the service I have received from SHB6215C on 15/09/2013. Time Started: 14:51 Time Ended: 15:13 I made a booking from Compass Point and told the driver that I am going to Regent […]