Prime Taxi SHD 2722Y – CHEATER

17 Sept 2013   F | Taxi Company: Prime Taxi

waved a prime cab taxi numbered SHD 2722Y (unclearly handwritten, receipt number 43767) from telok ayer to hoy fatt rd off jalan bukit merah via outram rd. i always take the same route as i work part time around the area and my taxi fare always less than $10. but that night, when i boarded i was a bit drunk then the cabby asked me whether i would need him to issue the receipt, being drunk and it’s just another regular trip home, i said no. by the time we reached, the meter showed $13.75. shocked, i asked for receipt. cabby refused to print and issued the written receipt. i take that route at least twice a week with various taxi companies with fares range from $8 – $8.50. only that night, the fare cost more than $10. went on to call the prime taxi company and emailed them to no avail until i found this website. hopefulle my experience wont be repeated to others.

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