Comfort Taxi SHC8179E – Bad attitude

30 Sept 2013   Dixon Koh | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

Hi.. Me and my friend got up on this cab on Sin Ming Ave and have told driver Aziz B Daud that we will be going to 2 places and also did told him that we will be stopping on the first location to run a short errand which don’t last for 10mins.. And he keep telling us he can’t wait for even 5mins of the time.. And me and my friend got off the cab and went to run our errand.. And we even run back to the cab after our errand, and what we found out is he even use his phone to time the time we spend on the errand.. And say that we took a long time of 7mins.. Kindly check is if the driver is busy later then why should they pick a customer and they can’t even wait? Is not like we ask him to stop the meter when we are away doing short errand.. We are paying for even second we spend on our 7min (which is time by him) errand.. If they are not able to wait then what is the point of picking up customer.. I am seriously pissed off with what he doing like timing how long we took and using a very angry tone saying that we took a very long time for our errand.. If this is how the company can driver works then I think seriously you all should do something about their manner.. We are paying for the ride and we get those shit stuff for paying so much for taking a cab.. This is seriously bullshit..

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