Comfort Taxi SHB6215C – Verbally Insulted by Driver

16 Sept 2013   Tammie Zheng | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

“Dear Sir / Mdm

I would like to express my dissatisfaction with the service I have received from SHB6215C on 15/09/2013.

Time Started: 14:51

Time Ended: 15:13

I made a booking from Compass Point and told the driver that I am going to Regent Hotel. Halfway through the journey, I have requested that I would like to include another destination to pick up my friends at Ion Orchard before completing the trip at Regent Hotel.

After exiting Carhill Circles, the driver asked if my friends are waiting at Ion Orchard. I replied not yet, and he started shouting and said he will not wait because he was rushing for time. I commented that he should not accept the booking if he was in a rush as he is not allowed to terminate the service without completing the full journey.

I refused to pay the fare unless he completes the journey and he started commenting in Mandarin that I was barbaric, (野蛮) and the booking fee of $2plus was not a big deal. He then added in Hokkien that it was totally not of use that I have received so much education (读这么多书都没什么用) and continued to emphasize that I was barbaric.

In the end, I alighted at Ion Orchard after realising that Ion Orchard does not allow vehicles to obstruct the traffic at the pickup and drop off area. I would have appreciated if the driver could explain his reasons politely for not being able to stop his vehicle at the pickup area instead of being so rude in this case. There was absolutely no need for him to make such a personal verbal insult.

I would like to recommend that drivers should behave in a polite manner to the passengers. I also expect an apology from the driver for his behaviour towards me.

Yours Sincerely,

Tammie Zheng”

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