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Premier Taxis SHB8952U – ★ Awful attitude, deceitful mindset, lack sense of responsibility

11 Apr 2019   Sun Yujia | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

110402019 0830am.

Taxi driver brought me further from my destination since I’m not familair with the area. In the taxi, he was asking about my race in an unpolite way to me and I remained silence. When I wanted to make a payment, he charged me 5 cents more than the amount on the receipt and he insisted that’s how they charged us during peak hour in the morning.

I paid what he claimed from me. Although it is not a big amount, unfortunately it was a whole unpleasent experience to me riding his car due to his awful attitude all the time.


Comfort Taxi SHB4178C – ★ Driver took the detour

9 Apr 2019   Kiko Wong | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

Driver took the detour, I have to pay more.


Comfort Taxi SH3114E – ★ Worst

6 Apr 2019   Rohana | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

I am writing to complain to a cabbie driving SHB 3114 E at 1.22pm picked up at Geylang Serai going to Lorong 4, Toa Payoh. He is so inconsiderate, very unhelpful and so annoying. My aunty(who is an old lady with her walking stick) and I were carrying such heavy stuffs, 4 big marketing carriers, after doing marketing. He has no intention on helping us to open the booth or help to carry the stuffs to the booth. When I waved at him giving him a signal to pick us up, instead of him moving forward to pick us up, he used his hand signal asking my aunty and I to go to his cab. My aunty(with her walking stick) and I have to walk to his cab. I got so mad with him. When I asked him why can’t he help us to move forward and helping us to lift up the booth, he gave all kinds of nonsense excuses.

I don’t understand how can a cabbie behave such a way so heartless to see ladies and old passengers with no sense of carrying. This kind of cabbie should be given user education, educate him to be more passionate to old passengers and the seniors and have better understanding towards them. Educate them, don’t just work for money without having sense of pity and being helpful.

This is my worst experience taking Comfort and CityCab and I hope I won’t encounter this bad experience again. I am serious about this unpleasant experience and I request for a reply.


Trans Cab SHB9843U – ★ Rude liar

6 Apr 2019   Raj | Taxi Company: Trans cab

Dishonest driver whom refused to pick me up from hotel boss lobby.


CityCab SHD6698G – ★ Reckless driver

3 Apr 2019   | Taxi Company: CityCab

Super bad experience.


Comfort Taxi SHD6609P – ★ Weird taxi driver

2 Apr 2019   | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

Special due to our taxi driver making weird noises and has issue in managing his anger.


Prime Taxi SHD2575H – ★ Very very bad service!

1 Apr 2019   Eve | Taxi Company: Prime Taxi

I board the taxi SHD2565H drove by a women driver from Changi Airport Terminal 3 to Pasir Panjang. She refused to help me to load and also unload my luggage as she claimed that she would not do that for customer!! This is the first time I have a bad encounter with a taxi driver who is not even helping me and just stand there and chit chat with the other driver at the airport!! Also the gate is so expensive which caused me $42.80 and the service was so bad!!!


Yellow-top Taxi SH3805H – ★ Dangerous driver

27 Mar 2019   | Taxi Company: Yellow-Top Taxi

His car almost hit mine at Newton Circus roundabout. He forced his way onto my lane and refused to barge. Could have caused an accident like a hit and run.


Comfort Taxi SHD6830R – ★ Wrong route

26 Mar 2019   | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

Disappointed for making me pay more for the wrong route taken.


Citycab SHC08602 – ★ Took double the distance to reach my destination simply to overcharge

23 Mar 2019   Lim Kok keong | Taxi Company: CityCab

At about 8.15 pm, my wife called for a taxi and picked up by a taxi at Marina Barrage. Our destination is to Thong Soon Green, off Upper Thomson Road. I specifically told the driver to go to our destination using Thomson Road all the way via Sheare Bridge, Rochore Road, Bt. Timah. He insisted to drive via MCA, Tampines, SLE and make a turn into Upper Thomson Road. I said no but yet he went ahead with it. I have been taking taxi from Marina Barrage to Upper Thomson often and this the first time I am annoyed to be exploited by such exploitative taxi driver.