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SHD3169L – ★ Extra charge

22 Jul 2017   Tristan koh | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

Took taxi from bugis junction taxi stand. Just wanna check if i have to pay extra $3 for cbd during the pick uo from 11.15pm. Uncle even drove to through telok blangah rise road instead of vivocity towards my end location at telok blangah drive blk 45


SHC6943D – ★ Unhappy

19 Jul 2017   Ho Hui Xia | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

Driver Name: Mr Yan Yong Cheng, is my driver for today. When I reaching my destination, I asked him nicely to drop me off infront abit towards Taxi stand as there’s a ‘U’ turn that actually I don’t want to make it there. And after I speak, he is not happy and accelerate speed up. He also mentioned to me he knows what to and no need to teach him. This makes me even more angry and when comes to paying him by cash, I keep quiet stare at him, and he said no need to stare him until like this. And even call me crazy. And why I am writing this to file a complain is just to let this company to take note of it and handle this situation. Thank you


SHC5946C – ★★ Poor attitude

11 Jul 2017   Taxi Company: Transcab

Taxi driver has poor attitude, making the experience very unpleasant.


SHA5002L – ★ Horrid man

7 Jul 2017   Pauline See | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

Very stressful ride by him; being shouted at for asking him to drive faster than 40 km/ hour. Does not know where to turn to Scotts Road upon reaching Scotts Road.


SHC7348R – ★ Very disappointing with the service of a most irresponsible and unreliable taxi driver.

6 Jul 2017   Josephine See | Taxi Company: CityCab

My son took the cab from Changi Airport T2 taxi stand at 6.34pm and asked to go to Siglap Community Centre which was only 10-15 min drive away. However, he was driven to Siglap South CC which was the wrong venue, and then Bedok CC. My son was told that he had arrived even when he clarified again to confirm that it was Siglap CC. The driver said it was and left him stranded at the wrong venue. He then had to find his way around and walk 20 min to Siglap CC from there. This irresponsible driver had the audacity to charge him a full fare, leaving him at the wrong destination, causing to walk a distance and late for his appointment.


SH9001C – ★★★★★ Great

3 Jul 2017   Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

I was running late and he was very patient, calm and friendly to sent me to my destination. Really appreciate it a lot.


SH8603R – ★ Super Rude Taxi Driver

30 Jun 2017   Taxi Company: Yellow-Top Taxi

Super rude taxi driver!


SHC6995D – ★ Horrible driver by the name of Tan kiok seng

26 June 2017   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

He argued with us about the pick up point when it clearly stated on his gps of our where abouts. Extremely horrible attitude and still have the guts to blame us about wasting his time when we waited for him for almost an hour upon booking via grab.


SHD3515X – ★ Worst driver

24 June 2017   Shabarna Mukherjee | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

The cab driver was a Indian Man with a turban (Sardar -commonly called). Was extremely rude person and drove the car very rashly I was travelling with my mother 68 years and 8 year old daughter.

On arrival to my condo when I asked him to reverse into my lobby so I can unload my bags.. He was extremely rude and refused said “can not you get off here ” When I said I need to unload my bags even then he didn’t bother.

My mother is 68 years old and walks with a stick. He was so inconsiderate and harsh. He drove car so rashly on the speed breakers inside our condo we literally bounced on our seats.

I didn’t experience such a behaviour from a driver from your reputed firm. I always use Comfort Delgro for travelling. The drivers has been nice helpful always this my worst experience.


SHC6067H – ★ Unprofessional Attitude. Almost ran down my friend.

21 June 2017   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

Incident happened at approximately 10.15pm on 20 June 2017. Driver name is Koh Joo Leng. Driver was travelling along Hougang Ave 8 before turning into block 541 Hougang Ave 8 without checking or slowing down, nearly knocking down my friend who was crossing the road. Although my friend stopped suddenly to let him pass, he proceeded to horn provocatively and even rolled down his window to challenge my friend to a fight (he tried to bully my friend who was a young teenager). There is a front facing video camera in the car so please go through the footage for evidence.
After that incident, the vehicle was parked at block 541 which I assume is where the driver is living. The car is a silver Kia with “Premier Cab” stated on the sides.
Please look into this and enforce the necessary disciplinary actions to save the company’s reputation so that this does not happen again. Thank you.