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SHD8560G – ★ Extra charge of $3 for Location

14 Aug 2017   Frank | Taxi Company: CityCab

We got on the taxi at Garden by the Bay. He added $3 for LOCATION charge. I checked on the taxi information Web site and Garden by the Bay does not have locations charge.


SHB8511J – ★★ Attitude

10 Aug 2017   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

Im a student. And the fare was $6 therefore i decided to use a $2 note and coins for the payment. He seems unsatisfied and show me that face when i gave him the coins. It didnt even took up 1 minute. Isnt it better for me to give the exact amount of small notes and coins instead of $50 early in the morning? He should be more appreciative.


SHB6337J – ★★★★★ A Grateful and Thankful trip

9 Aug 2017   Annie | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

date of experience: Sunday, 23 July 2017 Journey pickup from Pasir Ris White Sands Taxi Stand Taxi: Mercedes Taxi SHB6337J (i hope i didn’t remember wrongly)

people often have bad impression of cab drivers, often complaining about their reckless driving behavior and they become the ”notorious” king of roads. But my trip on 23th July with this lovely driver was a thankful and heart-warming one. As most people in the queue avoided Mercedes Taxi, i had the chance to cut the queue. The driver began the journey with a joyful conversation asking how did my day goes. I shared with him that my day went extremely well because i just completed an voluntary beach cleaning at the Pasir Ris Beach. He then share how impressed he was with me volunteering my time for the nation. He shared that he too love to contribute to the nation because of his love for Singapore. We shared about how volunteering can build a more loving society. I was very impressed when he shared that he love sending the needy to their medical appointments without charging them a cent. I alighted shortly and to my surprise, he didn’t take any fare from me as a appreciation of my contribution to the nation. I really love seeing kind driver like him. Please help to extend my appreciation and thanks to him. And hope he gets acknowledge for his contribution to the society too. Thank you.


SHD2339U – ★ Irresponsible reckless taxi driver

9 Aug 2017   Crystabelle Chia | Taxi Company: Prime Taxi

Was on the way out of sentosa and this taxi driver just came out cutting my lane without giving any signal, he was driving a passenager as well which nearly cause an accident. He did not show any remorse and drive to the other lane to the side of my car and point his middle finger at me. I have kids in my car what if this accident really happen? He does not think of the consequences at all. I do hope that actions to be taken to look into this matter seriously as it can be counted as reckless driving, and damage the reputation of its company. Really am disappointed as we all should have heard of reckless taxi driver and this just add on to the negative comments/news.


SHC4733 – ★ Reckless driver

9 Aug 2017   Noraini | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis

At this date & time, the driver came into our lane dangerously. My spouse had to brake hard to avoid a collision. He cut across and exited. All of us were shocked when the car jerked ! Please revert. Thank you”


SHC8228Y – ★★★★★ Kind and Patient Taxi Uncle

3 Aug 2017   Kee Kiang Peng | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

While on the way home from NEX, I saw an old uncle on wheelchair struggling at the taxi waiting area/passenger pick up & drop off point. After some communication with the old uncle whom I got to know is 95 yrs old, I understand he is going home to Serangoon Garden Area. Hence, I push him to the taxi queue and ask to take the next taxi that came along. Taxi SHC8228Y came along and without question asked, help to bring the old uncle to his destination without accept the fare. He even send me back to NEX for me to continue my journey home.

Really felt appreciative to Taxi Uncle for his kindness and patience. He started his shift at 5am and must be tired. Thank you for showing that there is kindness in Singapore. Have a safe drive and be healthy!!”


SHC6413S – ★ Terrible. Unsafe. Scary

3 Aug 2017   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

It was during a peak hour in the evening time, this driver was road raging the whole time. He was speeding and hurling vulgarities and expecting other drivers to give way when there were so many vehicles at that point of time at the expressway. Even when vehicles were making a turn and probably took his lane a little, he was scolding vulgarities. I understand his anger and afraid of possible dangers we will face. However, his own driving was reckless, swerving away when changing lanes and also misusing the horns to other drivers. This should not be happening in any case as it makes the passengers feel really unsafe and insecure, also being unsafe driver towards others on the road. It was really the most terrible experience I’ve ever had on a cab ride.


SHC7854X – ★★★★★ Pleasant Driver

2 Aug 2017   Jose Maria | Taxi Company: CityCab

This driver, Husaini is the name if i remember correctly, is a very polite, friendly, courteous and a person of pleasing personality.


SHA991P – ★★ Sadly, unpleasant

30 Jul 2017   Ulrica Ong | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

Despite the fact that I emphasized the destination when I called to book the cab the night before (destination: Singapore Cruise Centre, even highlighted that it’s the one at Harbourfront) and was assured the correct destination by the operator, the taxi driver still drove me to the wrong destination. He drove me to Marina Bay Cruise Centre instead. Even though he was apologetic, I feel that due to his mistake, I was overcharge for my fare.



27 Jul 2017   Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

Returned my phone! thanks!