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Premier Taxis SHC6630G – ★Aggressive driver and excessive charge

8 May 2019   Anaïs Frappé | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis (Silver)

My name is Anaïs Frappé, I am a French citizen who came to Singapore with my family for tourism purposes.

I am writing as I had a terrible experience with a cab driver today: we took a regular cab from Chinatown (from the temple) to the entry of Little India. The meter was indicating an amount between $8-9, and suddenly the driver did something on the meter and it came to $22.1. I was really shocked and so was my dad, so I asked how come the amount went up so much.

The driver started to shout to me, like really hard. It was almost scary. He was so disrespectful that at some point I said “but it has to be a scam” and then he shouted at me even more, threatened to drive me back to Chinatown and make us pay twice the fare.

My dad, who struggles to speak English, was completely shocked and saddened that we would be talked to this way.

I’m addition, when we left the car my sister didn’t have the time to close the door that he drove away, risking her to fall off the car – what a shame!

I am so shocked, this is not the Singapore I have experienced when I was living here in 2012. I always though of Singapore people to be so lovely, and today felt like I was almost in danger.

I would ask you to kindly do something about the incident.

Looking forward to your response,


Yellow-Top Taxi SH4775D – ★ No integrity in the driver

8 May 2019   Lucas | Taxi Company: Yellow-Top Taxi (Yellow Top & Black Body)



CityCab SHA8729D – ★ Choosing destination

3 May 2019   Cherry Ann | Taxi Company: CityCab (Yellow)

0740 at Yew Tee Taxi Stand his top light is “Hire” so i assumed he is available in all destination. He said he cannot take me going to orchard cos he is change shift. I have been a commuter for 10 yrs in SG and i have not encountered a taxi driver who change shift during morning peak hours. Anyway, if he is really indeed change shift, he shoulr have put on his TOP LIGHT – CHANGE SHIFT and DESTINATION.


Premier Taxis SHC6889C – ★★ What a terrible driver

1 May 2019   Ms Chan | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis (Silver)

Bad and terrible.


Premier Taxis SHC6477 – ★ Terrible and unkind attitude

29 Apr 2019   | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis (Silver)

My parents flag for this taxi (silver)at Tampines polyclinic at around 1445 and immediately tell the driver Tampines . Knowing is within the same neighbourhood obviously , he gave excuses and rudely ask my parents to get down. My Dad had an argument him too cos my Mum had injured her knee cap and Dad was feeling hungry for at least 3hrs. We are not making a complaint against him but rejecting a passenger because of close proximity is really a bad example to the company he is representing. Thank you very much for your kind understanding in advance.
Mr/Mrs Kwan


Premier Taxis CAP958IL – ★★ Overcharged

29 Apr 2019   Michael Evans | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis (Silver)

Cost $S14 more than estimate.


Comfort Taxi SHA7588A & SHB4041A – ★ These 2 taxi choose passenger to pick up at Taxi Stand

28 Apr 2019   | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi (Blue)

Rude attitude and unprofessional. How can a taxi driver get to choose passengers at taxi stand and reject them by having the long queue. It was a very bad experience. The taxi drivers were showing their super bad attitude when they spoke to us and rejected us. Is this the standard of service to provide us? Bad bad bad. I hope to get a reply on the explaination.


Prime Taxi SHE2503L – ★ Very bad

25 Apr 2019   Paolo Bianchi | Taxi Company: Prime Taxi (Copper)

Unbelievable rude and violent, I believe he can be dangerous, that man should not be a taxi driver.


Trans Cab SHF596X – ★ Cherry picking

23 Apr 2019   | Taxi Company: Trans Cab (Red)

Green light at cab stand, refused to take me to destination.


Comfort Taxi SHC3820U – ★★★★★ The driver service is excellent

14 Apr 2019   Irene | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi