SH9489 – ★★ Frustrating and less than third world experience


28 May 2017   Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi It is not so much about the taxi cab, though being late. The worst part of the ride is the appalling service from the call center. Not only was the standard of the English was poor, with extreme accent, she was unhelpful and touch of arrogance. As […]


SHB1728Y – ★ How could he do this?


26 May 2017   Kalycia Kan | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis We were flagging for a taxi and then there was also someone behind us flagging, we reached there first and then we were supposed to be the one getting the taxi, but he drive right pass us and went to the couple behind us. […]


SHB3335J – ★ Very Careless Driver


21 May 2017   Joce | Taxi Company: CityCab Dear Citycab, First of all I’m not a passenger of this cab but a pedestrian. It happened at Bedok Reservoir Road Blk 609 traffic junction approx 4.35am on 21st May. My sister and I were crossing the road when it was green light. I understand that […]


SHD2643R – ★★★ Manual mode


18 May 2017   Taxi Company: Prime Taxi Luggage no assistance at airport Route got no recommendation instead asking the passenger for the way


SH9647H – ★★ A call for deep cleansing


17 May 2017   Nathalie Kuhnert | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi This morning I booked a taxi. The driver was unhappy because he could not find the place; but he could have use his GPS. Then my son pointed to the fact that the taxi interior was extremely dirty . The seats have a layer […]


SHC2997A – ★★★★ Very humble and jovial person


16 May 2017   Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi It was a great drive although it’s a short journey


SHC4187H – ★ Terrible experience


13 May 2017   Seah | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis Can a driver driving a SMRT taxi going around picking customer and claimed that he is not providing service to customer? then what is he doing? Should such a driver still be allowed to drive SMRT taxi? Is this a reflection of SUPERB quality of […]


SHC2516E – ★★★★★ Best driver ever.


8 May 2017   Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi I requested to charge my phone in the cab and the driver let me use the car’s battery to charge. That was not the best part. The best part was i left my phone in the cab and the driver returned it to me at the very […]


SHD2710E – ★ Refuse to pick up passenger


8 May 2017   Mavis Seah | Taxi Company: Prime Taxi This taxi driver refuse to send me to my destination and still refuse to move his taxi from the taxi stand area.


SHB5955G – ★ Driver Disrespectful


4 May 2017   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis Cancelled booking ‘caus driver called my mobile twice and in both incident, he scolded me. After trip was cancelled, he sms me “U r a bitch you know”