SMRT Taxis SHC4187H – ★ Terrible experience

13 May 2017   Seah | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis
Can a driver driving a SMRT taxi going around picking customer and claimed that he is not providing service to customer? then what is he doing? Should such a driver still be allowed to drive SMRT taxi? Is this a reflection of SUPERB quality of service from SMRT? How and what training from SMRT to their taxi drivers? If a driver hiked a SMRT taxi and claimed that taxi is his, so he could talk all nonsense in the taxi to provoke customer and no one can tell him to shut up, would SMRT still allow such driver to handle SMRT taxi to tarnish the name of SMRT? If a driver claimed that he only knew one way to Singtel Comcentre in Orchard Somerset, can he still be a driver? If a driver claimed that he has no responsibility to check with customer the preferred route, then it is puzzling what training SMRT provided to the drivers and what is expectation of SMRT on their drivers? why would SMRT still allow such driver to use SMRT taxi going round picking customer? I have been travelling frequently from Tampines century square to Singtel Comcentre between 11:30am to 1pm, and I always keep my travelling receipt. My normal route took me about $17-18. But on 12th May 2017, it took me about $24 to make the same journey around the same lunch period, if this was not due to bad decision by driver, then it was everybody else fault except this taxi driver? I called in to SMRT hotline at about 5:45pm on the same day and was told someone would call me back to hear me out. But I have yet to receive any return call. If SMRT management is not interested to hear from me and has no intention to reprimand this taxi driver, I have no choice but to turn to CASE to provide them with my evidences to get my justification. I would further provide the same evidences to the PRESS if this is what SMRT really wanted.

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