SHC6071U – ★ Reckless driving and poor driver courtesy


22 Mar 2017   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis I was driving on CTE (City), near the exit to Serangoon road today (22 Mar 2017) at 1.40pm. The above-mentioned Silvercab, license SHC6071U, was on the lane next to mine, and behind me. The driver of that taxi wanted to overtake me, but instead of waiting till […]


SH4660B – ★ Angry


21 Mar 2017   Yvonne | Taxi Company: Yellow-Top Taxi I got this taxi driver at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. He told me there is a surcharge of $2. I told him that I always took taxi from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal home and there isn’t any surcharge on top of the normal fare. He […]


SHB1152H – ★ It was hell.


18 Mar 2017   Lim Siew Hua | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis The taxi driver did not pick me up although I had booked for the taxi 1.5 hour in advance. The fact that I had booked a taxi in advance was that I needed to be on time and knowing that it was Friday […]


SHB8969 – ★ Bad driving, rude driver


16 Mar 2017   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis We were collected from the airport and told that the NETS machine wasn’t working (it seemed to be switched on though) but that he took cash. He spent the entire journey talking on his hands free and playing with his phone on the dash, barely even looked […]


SHB7629K – ★ Inconsiderate and dangerous driver


14 Mar 2017   Christine Ooi | Taxi Company: Transcab Taxi stopped on Clementi Avenue 2 towards Ulu Pandan Road on double yellow line and no indicator to pick up passenger. The stop was not even 10 meter from the junction. Taxi head towards Sunset Way. A very dangerous driver.


SHC4779A – ★★★★★ Mr.Jeyabal is a helpful and honest driver.


10 Mar 2017   Low Siew Yong | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis On 09 March 2017 @ around 2118 hrs, I accidentally dropped my hand phone inside the taxi I took.(SHC 4779A). When I realised it later, I quickly made a call. Mr.Jeyabal answered the call and immediately made an arrangement with me to return […]


SHC4366H – ★ Taxi Driver was violent and made racist profanity remarks at Sembawang ESSO gas station


8 Mar 2017   Chris | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis WATCH OUT FOR SMRT TAXI VEHICLE # SHC4366H I was waiting behind SMRT Taxi vehicle SHC4366H at the ESSO gas station on Sembawang Road at 5pm on 8 March 2017. When he finished paying for his petrol, he refused to move away from the pump […]


SHB3673H – ★ Horrible, dangerous driving


3 Mar 2017   Katelyn O’Rourke | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi This taxi driver was an unfriendly and unpleasant man who was a very careless driver. The other passengers and I felt unsafe riding with him. He was swerving into other lanes, not stopping at pedestrian crossings and nearly hit an elderly man in an […]


SHD1761P – ★ Suspicious


2 Mar 2017   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis I didn’t actually take the taxi but on my way home the Silver Cab (SHD1761P) was suspiciously catching up with me and slowing down when he was besides me. Then after I looked at him he just accelerated and left. I have a picture of the taxi.