Premier Taxis SHC6071U – ★ Reckless driving and poor driver courtesy

22 Mar 2017   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis
I was driving on CTE (City), near the exit to Serangoon road today (22 Mar 2017) at 1.40pm. The above-mentioned Silvercab, license SHC6071U, was on the lane next to mine, and behind me. The driver of that taxi wanted to overtake me, but instead of waiting till there was a chance to do so safely, he swerved towards my vehicle, hoping to overtake me from behind. There was no way I could have dodged or allowed him to overtake, and the driver sounded his horn at me repeatedly, before returning to his own lane. Although there was thankfully no collision, this had been a reckless and rude move on the driver’s part, and I hope that you take a serious view on this matter as well. As someone who makes a living from driving, such careless behaviour will make the roads a dangerous place to be on.

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