SMRT Taxis SHC4366H – ★ Taxi Driver was violent and made racist profanity remarks at Sembawang ESSO gas station

8 Mar 2017   Chris | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis
WATCH OUT FOR SMRT TAXI VEHICLE # SHC4366H I was waiting behind SMRT Taxi vehicle SHC4366H at the ESSO gas station on Sembawang Road at 5pm on 8 March 2017. When he finished paying for his petrol, he refused to move away from the pump so other people could use it. There was a line of about 5 vehicle waiting to get petrol. He was either texting or using the Internet on his phone. The ESSO attended politely asked him to move forward so other cars could use the pump. The taxi driver began yelling a the attendant and screaming profanity. I politely approached the taxi and asked the driver to please pull forward to the proper parking area so I could refuel. He said “”You are a stupid foreigner. You wait for me. I do not wait for you. This is my country.”” I paused for a moment and asked him again to please move his car so I could get petrol. He started screaming racist remarks and told me he wanted to fight me in the parking lot. He would not stop yelling profanity and racist comments. He got out of his taxi and kept getting in my face demanding I fight him. I moved to another pump, and the taxi driver continued to scream at me while I was pumping petrol. He would not leave the pump or the gas station. I ignored his remarks and took a picture of his vehicle number. I reported him to SMRT. I hope it helps. I refuse to use SMRT Taxi services anymore. It is unsafe to have a Taxi driver who is racist and violent driving people around. I am glad that this particular taxi driver was not driving my wife and kids. I use Singapore Taxi services quite often and SMRT Taxi has lost my business until they deal with this particular driver.

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