SHD2813S – ★ Terrible service


29 Jan 2017   Giselle | Taxi Company: Prime Taxi This taxi driver was waiting for customers to come down and he was blocking the whole roundabout.I went forward and talk to him nicely, asking him to move forward slightly so the other vehicles behind can go off but he insist that I should talk […]


SHC7483H – ★ Terrifying


27 Jan 2017   Taxi Company: CityCab It was night time, the driver did not see that the car in front of him was not moving, so he suddenly jam break and turn at the same time to avoid, I was with my family and was very scared. Please do something about this driver, he […]


SHA9507X – ★ Driver took the longest way


25 Jan 2017   Habibah | Taxi Company: CityCab Driver took the longest way possible to reach my destination. Took the taxi at Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 – Tech Place 2 with a colleague at around 10 + at night after work. Dropped her at Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 along the road […]


SHC141R – ★★ Not good


18 Jan 2017   Taxi Company: CityCab The vehicle had a very strong Chinese herbal medicine smell that stings my nose. The driver also seems to be eating and driving at the same time which seems like a very dangerous thing to do in my opinion and can cause a traffic accident.


SHB4466L – ★★★★ Big shock but happy


18 Jan 2017   Nuzaibah Begum Siraj | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis I took this cabby on a busy Saturday on 7th Jan 2017 in d afternoon around 12 plus noon. His name is Sivalingam. He made 2 long trips on my request. Very smooth journey of silence. Please convey thanks to the cabby as […]


SHD1190 – ★ A driver with no heart


15 Jan 2017   Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis Driver of SHD 1190 SMRT TAXI. Please kindly take note of this driver, if you happened to vomited a little on your hand and did not dirty the taxi, the driver will chase you down the taxi in the middle of the journey.. when you call the […]


SHD5168B – ★ Using phone during driving


11 Jan 2017   Ng Wee Meng | Taxi Company: Transcab Pick me up is using earpiece on phone with someone until 5-10 min then put down phone.. After 10 min later, he start to look at his contact in his phone while driving at expressway. That cause the driving speed slow, delay my time […]


SHD1112M – ★ Terrible


10 Jan 2017   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis Rude and very unprofessional at all


SHD6688K – ★★★★★ Awesome!


10 Jan 2017   Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi To whom it may concern:- Dear Madam/ Sir, I would like to inform NTUC Comfort Organisation of my experience with one of your drivers earlier this evening. We took the taxi SHD 6688K from 1 , Shaw Centre at about six plus this evening to St Georges. […]


SHD1096B – ★ Horrible experience


8 Jan 2017   Y. Shinagawa | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis I used the cab from the Changi Airport with my husband and twin babies. When we approached the cab, the twins were eating bread. we let the babies to finish their food since I knew no eating food is allowed in the car. when […]