Comfort Taxi SHD6688K – ★★★★★ Awesome!

10 Jan 2017   Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

To whom it may concern:-

Dear Madam/ Sir,

I would like to inform NTUC Comfort Organisation of my experience with one of your drivers earlier this evening.

We took the taxi SHD 6688K from 1 , Shaw Centre at about six plus this evening to St Georges. Traffic was slow and my two year old grandson threw up in the the taxi during the ride. It was the very first time he threw up in a moving vehicle.

Driver Seah just kept calm and did not show a single sign of panic or displeasure. When we reached our destination, I asked Driver Seah how much do I have to pay but was only quoted the metered fare. I was taken aback by the response.

I told my son to bring two pails of water so that we could wash the floor mat with the vomit. I wiped the seat and the carpeted area behind the drivers seat. Driver Seah came out to help too with not a single displeasure shown. I kept asking how much would it costs to clean up the area. Driver Seah just refused to charge the extras. In fact Driver Seah thanked us for cleaning the area and the mat.

I sprayed An ‘Eau De Toilette’ to get rid of any smell in case there was. Driver Seah asked me what it was. I replied it is Chanel No 5. Driver Seah said ,’No Need’. My heartfelt feelings that I have the experience to meet such a kind, patient and understanding person.

I would like to commend Driver Seah of SHD6688K Comfort Taxi for the best ever taxi service and humane person I have ever encountered. I feel very grateful and thankful for the grace shown to us by Driver Seah of SHD 6688K.

Thank you for having the best employee. Many thanks and appreciation.

Warmest regards

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