Premier Taxis SHD1096B – ★ Horrible experience

8 Jan 2017   Y. Shinagawa | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

I used the cab from the Changi Airport with my husband and twin babies. When we approached the cab, the twins were eating bread. we let the babies to finish their food since I knew no eating food is allowed in the car. when we bent the baby pram and put many belongings in the back trunk, the driver stood around us clucking his tongue complaining to us and never gave us help to got on the car. Just he continued to say ‘no food in the car’.

After we got on the car, he never replied our talk and still continued to clucked his tongue.
Moreover, his driving was terrible due to braking hard suddenly and peeling out. It was very dangerous. we were really worried during the ride because we were with two babies.. And lastly, when he dropped us and left our place, he suddenly started his car before the car door closed completely.

In fact, recently we are regular user of Uber. but today we used normal cab because of the airport.
After this incident, we totally regret to use the normal cab and disappointed with the drivers manner.

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