SHA715X – ★ Rude driver


24 Aug 2016   Claire | Taxi Company: CityCab Driver kept on talking on the phone and was very unhappy and disgruntled and RUDE when I interrupt him to give directions.


SHB366P – ★ Insane ride


23 Aug 2016   Carrie Martin | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis He seemed annoyed when he stopped to pick me up and when I said I’m waiting on my friends. Once they were in the car, he squealed his tired out of my condo. He drove extremely fast through the Neighborhood. Our bags were going […]


SHC8903G – ★ Rude and abusive taxi driver insulting a child


18 Aug 2016   Richard Langdoc | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi Earlier today, my daughter Yasmina, who is 15 years old used a Comfort Delgro taxi – registration SHC 8903 G to travel from her school UWC-SEA East in Tampines to her piano lesson in Bishan Street 11 at about 15:30 ~15:45. She booked the […]


SHB5483B- ★ Reckless


12 Aug 2016   Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis Reckless driving along TPE,fear for safety


SHA7249D – ★ Shocking Experience


11 Aug 2016   Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi Just had a bad experience with a NTUC Cab driver at about 4.15pm at Bishan HDB car pack today. I was waiting for a car to leave the car-park, with my hazard light on, so that I can park my car in a white lot. I was […]


SHA9887Z – ★★★★★ Comfortable driving skill


10 Aug 2016   jeffrey | Taxi Company: CityCab Very smooth driving journey which I never experience for a while.


SHD5318K – ★ Irresponsible driver


08 Aug 2017   Mag C | Taxi Company: Transcab I was with a friend during the ride and feeling unwell, so I requested to wind down the window but the driver refused and said car will be dusty. Subsequently, he took a plastic bag out and told me to vomit in it. Aside to […]


SHC944R – ★ Too expensive


08 Aug 2016   Yoshio Nakagawa | Taxi Company: CityCab From chinatown to merlion park, it cost as much as 14 SGD.