Comfort Taxi SHC8903G – ★ Rude and abusive taxi driver insulting a child

18 Aug 2016   Richard Langdoc | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
Earlier today, my daughter Yasmina, who is 15 years old used a Comfort Delgro taxi – registration SHC 8903 G to travel from her school UWC-SEA East in Tampines to her piano lesson in Bishan Street 11 at about 15:30 ~15:45. She booked the taxi on the Comfort Delgro app. The taxi driver confirmed the booking from his phone 6664 3080 at 15:26. Upon arrival in Bishan she wanted to pay with her EZ-link card, not having enough cash for the ride. The EZ-link machine of the taxi was defective. My daughter proposed to pay with her Credit Card. It was not possible neither. The Driver insulted my daughter at multiple occasions – calling her “stupid foreigner” and threatened her saying “you have to get to an ATM to get cash – he wanted to bring her to Serangoon – just to get cash, she would have been late for her piano lesson. The driver was particularly rude and aggressive and my daughter was afraid that he would molest her. She called her piano teacher, named Janna, to come and help her. The piano teacher came down and paid the taxi driver. She sent us the following messages : “Hi Juanita (that is my wife), Yasmina met a very rude taxi driver right now. Apparently his ez-link card payment machine was faulty n he was rude when I got over to help Yasmina. I told the cab driver off and took a picture of the taxi plate number. Yasmina was quite sad also. She just left my school” “I am glad I was here to help. This taxi driver was really quite mean (sad emoticon). Felt so sorry for Yasmina, hope she’s feeling better now. Sure, no problem about the payment” Insulting and threatening a child, Singaporean or foreigner is a conduct unbecoming of a taxi driver in Singapore. This time, it will not be enough to say that this taxi driver will be “advised” and “put under supervision”. This taxi driver license should be terminated.

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