Comfort Taxi SHA7249D – ★ Shocking Experience

11 Aug 2016   Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
Just had a bad experience with a NTUC Cab driver at about 4.15pm at Bishan HDB car pack today. I was waiting for a car to leave the car-park, with my hazard light on, so that I can park my car in a white lot. I was not blocking anyone. This NTUC Taxi, SHA7249D, came behind me and started to horn. I indicated to him that I am parking into the lot but he kept honing without stopping. I indicted to him to overtake me but he kept honing. I decide to move forward as his honing is disturbing the HDB estate. He park his taxi and walk away. After I have park my car he came back and start to say I am an uber driver saying “” not very nice things”” about uber driver. All this time my wife was with me. I don’t understand what make him think I am an uber driver. Then he said that he is not afraid of me because I was looking at him. He drove off after cursing me. He is really a bully maybe because I am an old man. Can NTUC comfort Taxi condoned such behavior? I think he should be counsel.

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