Yellow-Top Taxi SH4578G – Reckless and rude driver

06 Oct 2013   Rei | Taxi Company: Yellow-Top Taxi

“The incident happen at the carpark of teck whye lane near blk 18, on 6th Oct, ard 8.20am.

I was at the side of the road , waiting for the cars to clear to cross the road; the road cleared, I began crossing. A few steps later, A yellow-top taxi came out of sudden from behind, made a dangerous left turn, just right in front of me. it was very fortunate that i instinctively took 2 steps back, and I narrowly escape injury. Stunned, I stood still for a few seconds , and saw the taxi – driver turning to me and start making rude gestures before driving off . I managed to take a picture of the back of his taxi upon recovering my composure.

There is no way this driver did not see me as he is coming from the back. I was wearing white top and it’s a clear sunny morning.

I will have 2nd thoughts taking yellow top cabs in future. “

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