Yellow-Top Taxi SH2894G – ★ Bad customer service from yellow top taxi

4 Dec 2017   Sebastian Wong | Taxi Company: Yellow-Top Taxi

This morning 9am, I took the Top Yellow Cab at Sims Drive (SH2894G) and when I asked the driver, do you accept NETS or Credit Card Payment and instead of saying “Yes” or “No”, he pointed to the door and coldly said “See for yourself!”.
At that moment, I carried 2 bags with me and have problem reading small prints, I just get frustrated and told him can he provide better customer service?
What come after shock me further, he said, “If you are not happy, get out of my car!”.

I can’t believe living in a first world country like Singapore, I received third world customer service from the this type of taxi driver !
Just because of one bad sheep, this unprofessional taxi driver has tarnished the good reputations that have built up by many good ones!

We will never reach the world class customer service in Singapore if we continue to tolerate such bad behavior and don’t expose them.

Just my bad Monday!”

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