Trans Cab SHD9685Z – ★ Irresponsible and Dishonest driver

18 Dec 2013   Veiter Soo | Taxi Company: Trans Cab
on the 6th of November, I was traveling along Alexandra Road before Tanglin Road. I came to a halt because of traffic light. SHD9685Z taxi was on my right side and hit my right side mirror. It damage my mirror. We stopped after Tanglin Road to access the damage. He admitted his fault and offered $20 as a form to repair the mirror. I refused and it not only damage the mirror but also the motor. I offered to source for the cheapest workshop to replace. He said he could not afford and I suggest to report to insurance. I took 2 days for him to decide if he wants me to report. He decide that we should report to our respective insurance. After reporting to my insurance, I sent my car in for repair. My workshop inform me that this driver did not report to his insurance. I tried contacting him for several weeks, he refused to response and refused to give me a resolution. Despite many SMSes to him, he does not want to respond. this damage has cause driving inconvenience. he did response once and wanted my insurance to write formally to him to request for his taxi video to submit to my insurance. This is not co-operating as he is playing games with me to prolong the time. I tried to write to Transcab and reminded several time for update. I did not get to hear from them. I called their hotline and no one picks up. I wonder if the taxi company is still functioning and just making enough revenue. I am not sure if Mr Teo Kiang Ang is aware of his fleet of taxis having Irresponsible and Dishonest drivers around. I am not taking this matter at rest and allow Irresponsible and Dishonest drivers go scot-free with every accidents they just make. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

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