Trans Cab SHD9566J – Nasty Driver

6 Dec 2013   MS Ng | Taxi Company: Trans Cab
At 7.00pm I make a booking at Tampines st 81and this taxi come. When I got into this taxi with my baby, I told this taxi to go by TPE to Anchorvale Lane. What happens is that this taxi take me round the tour to Tampines Center first than make a big turn to TPE. When I told this driver that you have driving towards the wrong way than he starts to argued with loud voice. Taxi driver : No this is the correct way. This way is faster way to TPE. Me: There is no taxi driving me pass this Tampines center and you are the first taxi. I normally only spent 15mins to reach home. Taxi driver: I use this way which also 15mins. What happen is that, a lot of stopping due to red lights along the way and my baby starts to cries coz is too long. By time I reach home, is already 7.40pm. Do you all think is only 15mins that is what he have said and he make me to paid $20.00 instead of $12 plus which I usually paid.

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