Trans Cab SHD278A – ★★★ Uncle took me to the long way

21 Sep 2018  | Taxi Company: Trans Cab

I was sharing the taxi with my boss home from Six Avenue MRT. She dropped off at AMK Ave 10 and I was going home to Yishun. He asked me go by which way. My first instinct was Lentor. That’s the only way I know. He kept asking me wanna go by CTE. To be honest, I’m also not sure which way is faster because AMK and Yishun is not very far apart. At AMK Ave 10, the fare was about $10 with $2 of night charge. I should reach Yishun in about $20 (less extra charge). I was tired after work. So I said ok to CTE, it was a long ride. Then it made me realised that taking the Lentor route was shorter. The uncle also drove very fast.

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