Trans Cab SHC5836L – ★ Bad Attitude Taxi Driver

16 Sep 2017   Taxi Company: Trans Cab

Today i taken Taxi (SHC 5836L) from Ywe Tee MRT taxi stand at 2:23PM with my friend.My friend stay in Paya Lebar and I stay in Betok. Therefore my friend asking to go to Paya Lebar first.After that i asking the driver to go Betok after sending to my friend.The Driver start to scold me that I am not respecting him because I was not inform him earlier before I take Taxi. This is my first time to hear this regulation. I taken a lot of time (even though sometime is night) to taken taxi with two different destination with my friend, no one scold me. This driver said that he owe his car and he can decided to send me or not. This is a crazy attitude to talk to customer that he making decision. Therefore, I straight away ask him to stop and alight from this taxi. He send my friend to Paya Lebar. If two destination is so far away, I do not mind. Now is only Paya Lebar and Betok . But Why Taxi driver dare to scold to customer and why he cannot send two different destination? Is there any term and condition in taxi regulation that Customer need to ask taxi driver about two different destination before taking taxi?
I am not satisfy with the Driver attitude and I looking forward to hear about the hire action for this case.

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