Trans Cab SHC5486M – ★ Poor attitude and verbal harrasment

25 Mar 2018   Sunny | Taxi Company: Trans Cab

I boarded this taxi from Changi Airport after the arrival of my aircraft at the airport. Upon boarding, I told him specifically of my destination but I was taken aback when he interrupted abruptly and ask me if I am a foreigner. He said he was unhappy to that I took his taxi as I was only going to Pasir Ris, which was near from the Airport.

Throughout the journey, he continue his harassment and kept hurling insults towards me. Upon nearing to my destination, I told him that I would like to pay by credit card. However, he said that he do not accept credit card. When I reach my destination, I proceed to pay my fare in cash but was appalled by what he said. As the fare was $15, he said that he do not have change for my $50 note and proceed on to keep the cash.

I am extremely disappointed and upset at his actions. I would like to inquire if any action will be taken on this errant driver. Lastly, should the action and outcome is less than desired, I will not hesitate to make a full police report on this incident and I have also spoken to my legal adviser.

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