Trans Cab SHB9052D – ★ Hooligan ruthless driver

9 Oct 2018  Sapiah | Taxi Company: Trans Cab

To related officers in charge,

Greetings to all of you. I apologise for any inconvenienced caused but I need to address this matter urgently.

Date today, 8th October 2018, Monday, my fiancé and I took a cab from Transcab with plate number SHB9502D from Bugis Junction Taxi stand between 9.00-9.30pm. Before boarding, my fiancé asked the driver if he accepts NETS, he replied “yes, NETS no problem”. So we boarded the cab. I noticed, he did not display his taxi vocational license on the dashboard nor was there any form of driver’s identification decals displayed anywhere in the cab.

He was driving quite dangerously at very high speed and kept swerving sharply to overtake other vehicles. Along BKE after PIE exit, my fiancé was watching a video on facebook at moderate volume, however, the driver shouted at my fiancé “eh!can lower or not!” since, his own vehicle radio was blasting of Chinese songs, my fiancé was unable to hear him. The driver then shouted at even higher volume “OI! YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH IS IT? I ASKED YOU TO LOWER DOWN YOUR HANDPHONE RIGHT?” My fiancé then answered “it’s my handphone why can’t I do what I want?’ the driver’s response was “It’s my cab, my wish! I can ask you whether u can use or not. So I don’t allow you to use handphone in my cab. and what is your problem with that?” Hence, we were unable to take any pictures or videos during our journey.

He also threatened to drop us in the middle of Dairy Farm Road. When my fiancé told him that we will lodge a complaint against him if he continued with such an attitude, he retaliated and jammed brake his vehicle causing our food to fell off the seat. He then shouted “want to complain, complain lah! you think I scared is it? You complain also they cannot do anything!”

He then kept driving dangerously such as speeding to avoid traffic light from changing to red, speeding and brake abruptly on humps and speeding while making a u-turn at the junction in front of ITE West.

Upon arrival at our destination, he suddenly twist his words and told us he accepts cash only, whereas before boarding he told us he accepts NETS as we do not have cash. Our assumptions is that because due to the conflict, he wants to avoid any evidence such as receipts to be used against him (he is going towards Woodlands to change shift). When we alighted and told him to take whatever cash we had first while we go to withdraw the balance amount, he took my fiancé’s picture without permission. We went up and took the balance to pay him. However, when we pass him the cash he used vulgarities “nabei chi bai” instead of saying thank You. When we asked him “excuse me what did you say?” he replied “what!? want to fight is it? come lah?!” and then quickly went inside his vehicle and drove off.

I am pretty sure he had been doing this for quite sometime and somehow gotten away with it as Transcab FAILED to take actions to condone these types of drivers.

I demand a follow up on this incident as well as a personal apology from the driver himself, you may get a representative to be present to witness the apology from him. I am forwarding this matter to LTA as well due to his dangerous driving as it endangers not only the passengers’ safety (imagine if there are kids on board) as well as other road users and pedestrians. Should I not receive any follow-up within 3 working days at most, I will not hesitate to lodge a police report against the driver for threatening us as he knows where our residence is and for taking my fiancé’s picture without permission,which is invading of public’s privacy.

Thank you.

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