Trans Cab SFM6604 – ★ Taxi driver is very rude and aggressive.

17 Jan 2018   Taxi Company: Trans Cab

We took the cab from Chinatown going back to our hotel(KAM LENG HOTEL) TAXI DRIVER keeps on dumping his things in the vehicle, throws his phone on the dashboard when he doesn’t understand our hotel name…he keeps on saying he don’t know the hotel without confirming the name…then after giving our hotel card he searched and finally see the way to the hotel. UPON arriving at the hotel I slowly close the cab door and again he became rude and angry…he even alight from the vehicle and followed us inside the hotel, keeps on saying f@ck you through his hand signals and so aggressively ask for a fight until the receptionist took him out of the hotel… this driver should be kicked out of the cab company…they should not allow him to drive…and also he should be deported to which ever country he is in….he should not stay in SG…he is ruining every tourist experience.

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