Trans Cab SHB7781C – Complain against SHB7781C‏

10 Nov 2013   Taxi Company: TransCab

Dear TransCab

i hope this email goes to the higher management.

We have sat so many cabs and frankly, yesterday journey is the most pathetic ride.

We took this cab at 540pm from Serangoon North Ave 1 to Punggol. It was a Sat 9/11/2013. Once we got up the cab, we could smell strong cigar smell. those that older generation enjoy smoking. The front windows were winded down. Shortly, when we were in the cab, uncle questioned us what is the smell we brought in. it was 20 sticks of otah. He complained that the next passenger will complain about the smell. My hubby suggested to wind down the back window. Uncle shouted back and said the smell will not move away.

Question… if otah smell is this bad that will cause a passenger to complain, may i ask, what about the smoking smell he left behind before we hopped on?

It took me 24hours cooling period to write this email. please look into this matter

cab driver name : See Cheng Hai
Cab : SHB7781C

this is the kind of service we get after paying the ride?

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