SMRT Taxis SHF4600 – ★ Self centered driver

15 Sep 2016   Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis
SHF4600 Chinese uncle Taxi driver My son fell sick. It was quite severe. Approximately 1.30pm, I took a taxi from woodlands, to bring my son to visit a physician at outram near holiday inn. The start journey was pretty good until we are near our destination. Apparently, he brought us to orchard central and accused me of telling him the wrong information. Nevermind that, he continued his route to holiday inn at a slow pace. Upon reaching, I told him to turn in towards holiday inn building but he did not and claimed that there is a better path ahead. I was really frustrated as my son was sick and this uncle is being so inconsiderate and irresponsible. We could’ve alighted and paid less but thanks to his self centered behaviour, 15mins of our time were wasted. At the moment, I was really worried about my son as he was shivering despite wearing a jacket. I’m very surprised that such money over safety uncle can be driving a taxi. Upon reaching, he did not feel remorseful at all. I certainly hope actions can be taken against him.

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