SMRT Taxis SHD9238G – ★ Bad driving and service

11 Oct 2016   Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis
After my mother’s appointment at Tan Tock Seng, we boarded the taxi. Bearing in mind that my mother is wheelchair bound and i had so many things to carry and the driver did not have any empathy to at least help me to CARRY the wheelchair and place it in the boot of his taxi. My cousin was around to see us off and SHE helped me to CARRY the wheelchair in..I’m a lady, small built but to carry a wheelchair on my own needs a MAN’S strength. Anyway… on the way back home, driver was driving dangerously and applying intermittent jerking brakes. Upon reaching, I’ve informed him to turn in left into first car park but he just drove by and i told him to stop immediately and again, he did not get down to help me with the wheelchair even after myself and my mother asking help from him. He seemed to just ignored us. How rude and incompetent was he towards his passengers. With all the things that i had to carry and hang them on the wheelchair and walked all the way back pushing my mom (she is quite on the heavy side of her weight) on the wheelchair. I hope the taxi company could look into this matter and to the driver to be a more responsible driver and providing good services to his passengers.

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