SMRT Taxis SHB254D – Rude driver

4 Dec 2013   Norlizawati | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis
I took the cab to Jurong West from cbd area. He was speeding all the way and beat a few red lights before entering the expressway. I knew this is gonna be an unpleasant journey. Once we reached jurong, i changed my mind to go to the market and it was along the way to st 42. The traffic was quite heavy. He replied furiously and made a few frustrated sigh throughout the journey to my location. Although i am having a bad day at work today, i controlled my anger towards him. I told him earlier that im gonna make the payment by card, before we reach the destination, he already took out the machine and throw it at the front passenger seat with a frustrated attitude. I am very angry with the way he showed his attitude towards his passenger.

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