SMRT Taxis SHB1241J – ★★★★★ Great attitude and professional

28 Aug 2017   Choo Wee Khiang | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis

Mr Leong of vehicle number : SHB 1241 J on 20 August at 0040 hrs, my wife and I were at the airport queueing up for a taxi. we brought back 4 pieces of heavy luggage plus two hand-carried backpacks. We are staying at East Meadows which is a short distance from Changi Airport and we often met unhappy taxi drivers who were so reluctant to send us back due to short distance. We can understand the fact that these taxi drivers have to wait at the airport for a long period of time for business. And so when came to our turn to board this Mr Leong’s taxi, I was asking Mr Leong that if it was alright for him as we stayed nearby. I was however pleasantly surprise to witness Mr Leong’s was very polite and positive reply. needless to say, he also helped us to load luggages into his taxi boot. He drove very safely and nicely which we really enjoyed and one could see that he had no quibbles over sending us home. Surely, this kind of positive attitude and politeness are hard to come by these days. We wish to thank Mr Leong and hope to be able to be his guests soon. Many thanks and well done, Mr Leong!

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