SMRT Taxis SHB1175 – ★ Terrible routing

11 Feb 2018   Zuhairi Mior | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis

I hailed a cab from SSDC Woodlands to head to Simei. The most logical and fastest route would be to use the TPE, from Woodlands, then exit at Changi. For some reason, the driver goes to TPE, exits at Ang Mo Kio, then head to CTE/PIE.

It’s really unlogical, he literally heading from the north, head to south then head east. When if he took the TPE, it’s cutting through the route because it’s going north east. I take cab from SSDC to Simei twice a week for the past 1 month. And in the whole experience, I never had to pay more than $18.

Because of the long route, the clock when past 6pm and I had to pay extra.

All these while taking cab from Woodlands to Simei and Simei to Woodlands, there was never a driver that took this route before, everyone took the TPE route. So I don’t get why he’s doing so.

Not to mention at one point of time, the driver spit out the window.

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