SMRT Taxis SHA2392E – ★★ Driver was rude

13 Jun 2018   Susan Lim | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis

I was waiting for a taxi around 410am at Changi Airport Terminal 2. Before getting on the taxi, I saw the driver had an argument with other taxi drivers parking next to him and he seemed to be in a bad mood. I was told to hop on the taxi, I was confused and unaware of what happened.

After reaching my destination, I heard the driver responded, “as long as you pay, I don’t care!”. I was really taken aback by his words. The driver takes his time as if he doesn’t really want to help and seems unwilling to help me with my lugagge.

Definitely not the best but one of the worst taxi experience I had ever encountered. It was too dark in the taxi so I didn’t get his name. But I remembered the vehicle number was SHA2392E.

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