SMRT Taxi SHD55B – ★ Speeding gangster driver with an attitude

27 Jul 2018   Shazali | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxi

Booking details: 27/07/2018 @ 1.30am.

I used Grab to book for a taxi driver on vehicle SHD55B, responded. The journey was from Canberra CC to Yishun and then to my stop which is at Tampines. After dropping off my colleague at Yishun, I was on the way back to Tampines via TPE. The driver, who was silent throughout, was driving around 100-120 km/h. I was monitoring his speed using my handphone app.

However, before I can advise him to slow down, he had already reached the Tampines Ave 10 exit. The driver was still driving at high speed. He was driving so fast that he nearly missed my service road. I prompted the driver to turn in left and then right. Driver slammed on his brakes and made a sharp turn to enter the HDB service road. I immediately told the driver to stop the vehicle.

When I was opening the door, the driver opened his door and started to use Hokkien words on me. I roughly understood what he said. He was unhappy that I told him to stop. He was grumbling and at the same time gesticulating his hands and fingers at me. I asked him why is he so angry? And told him that he was driving fast and dangerously. He kept grumbling to me in Hokkien.

The driver was behaving like a gangster. I had enough of him and I walked back home. This is the first time I had encountered such a driver. He need to be counselled. A taxi driver with such a behaviour is not welcomed at all.

I hope my feedback is being taken seriously. He is dangerous on the road.

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