Trans Cab SHC5600A – ★ Terrible

17 Sep 2017   GalaxNite | Taxi Company: Trans Cab

I booked this Transcab taxi via Grab at about 10.50am on 17 September 2017 with this driver called Ian So Tin Chi. He called to confirm my location at Blk 476A Upper Serangoon View, to which I said yes.As it was my first time using GrabTaxi, I was looking at where his taxi was going on my geolocation in real time. Grab said my taxi had arrived, but when I looked up, he was nowhere, and I saw on the geolocation that he was heading elsewhere. Panicking, I called to ask where he was and he assured me he was on the way, and reconfirmed my location, to which again I said yes.When he arrived, both me and young boy sat in. When I mentioned that he scared me as I thought he lost his way, I was horrified when he had a go at me and said I was rude on the phone which I did not think so. I explained that the location showed he passed the location. Instead, he went on and on on how I talked with him on phone and even mocked-yelled at me to show his point. Then he laughed and said I sounded like his wife. Insulted, I asked if he was insulting me and he said he will fetch me to the destination, so the whole journey was quiet. I guided him to my destination and once arrived, I double-checked with him that payment was made with my GrabPay, he confirmed, so I got out of the cab along with my son. As we were walking to my destination, he pulled his window down and shouted at me, said I was rude. To my horror, I scolded him back and said he was rude himself. He argued with me in front of me and even had a go at my son. As a customer, why should I thank him when he was rude to me in the cab? And now, he expected me to thank him! Ridiculous! $10.94 for this rotten service is SO NOT WORTH IT. He needs to grow up!

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