Trans Cab SHB1005A – ★ Hooligan

19 Sep 2017   Roy | Taxi Company: Trans Cab
Hired today from Wallich Road at 11-30 am to drop at V Hotel , Lavender. Card machine was not working, driver refused to accept 50 SGD bill for the fare of 13 SGD. Finally he took 50 SGD bill but started abusing with choicest abuses publicly , came down to physically assault and finally ran away without giving any receipt. To me this was like a never heard of incident in Singapore, had I not been used to Singapore this incident would have created an irreversible negative impression.I have a feeling that this driver was a drug addict or lunatic or under some kind of extreme stress, he was capable of physically harming a pager. I wish he is investigated asap and his driving licence is temporarily discontinued.He is a huge shame to Singapore and non action on him will amount to an even bigger SHAME.

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