Prime Taxi SHD2663H – ★ Ripe Off – Prime Taxi Local Taxi Driver

22 Oct 2016   Nick Lo | Taxi Company: Prime Taxi
I am a Hong Kong Business Traveler who has just come back from Singapore. I need to file a complaint to driver of Taxi Liscene No. SHD2663H – Name unknown – Male Driver at his 71 years with 4 children and 8 grand children at he stated. I took the Taxi from Marina Bay Sands Tower 3, at taxi stand, no advanced calling at around 1740pm on 21 Oct 2016 – Friday. I traveled from the hotel to the airport and at the ended, he charged me SGD38 which was completely overpriced. Along the road, he kept talking about how to write the claim form on taxi and his experiences. He said how he made additionally charges himself when he claimed company expenses. I was reading meters along the way, which was SGD14.66 from MBS to Taxi. When collecting money, he pressed a button and the billed became SGD31.88 and he said I needed to pay surcharge so the final bill was SGD38 . I had no ideas about the price so I paid. I felt something wrong so I then immediately asked other taxi drivers, they said maximum it is only SGD27…. At the end, it is not the problem about money, but it is the trust between driver and customers, my trust on local Singaporean. I am quite disappointed. I have just called Prime Taxi (1145am on 22nd Oct), no one picked up the phone. It is really bad experience with the city but I trust they are just the black sheep. I hope LTA and Prime Taxi can look into it and investigate. At the same time, I will share this case among all the social platform about Prime Taxi so everyone should try their best to avoid their service.

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