Prime Taxi SHD2522G – Extremely rude taxi driver

8 Nov 2013   thz.evelyn | Taxi Company: Prime Taxi

Taxi driver Mr. Lim Tian Chin should be reprimanded and given a severe warning for his unprofessionalism and curt remarks causing a great discomfort to the four of us.

Mr. Lim did not wait for the four of us to settle down as we entered the vehicle and started scoffing to our female friend, “”you all don’t have a family face”” while pointing his fingers to the back. It felt very personal. He carried on rambling to the back passengers while still driving.

We understand there are frustrations from a bad day drive, but this attitude and behavior is definitely uncalled for. It tarnished the reputation of the company he’s representing severely. I hope corrective actions will be taken upon him. I think it is not fair that the company reputation to be spoilt by such a rotten apple.

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