Prime Taxi SHD2394J – ★★★★★ Thank you, taxi uncle of prime taxi, car plate no.: SHD2394J

1 Oct 2016   Taxi Company: Prime Taxi
We would like to show our appreciation by thanking taxi driver of car plate no.: SHD2394J. He was so kind to purposely come to our flat unit to look for us. Unfortunately we were not at home. He purposely wrote a note and placed it on our door so that when we are back, we can see it. When we came back home, we were so touched to see the thoughtful note and quickly called him. He told us he was sending a passenger to a further destination and thus, we might need to wait a while. After that, he will come and look for us. We were very grateful to him for his kind and thoughtful gesture. My wife is from China and she was so impressed and touched that she can actually find her lost wallet in Singapore. Now she truly believes that Singaporeans are upright and honest. This is something many countries till now cannot do it and might take centuries for other country people to reach Singapore citizens’ standard. Thank you, taxi driver of SHD2394J. You make us Singaporeans proud! A grateful passenger, Alex Seow

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