Prime Taxi SHD2356U – ★ Unsafe

20 Mar 2019   Winston Van Der Merwe | Taxi Company: Prime Taxi

The driver, Kam Fook Yon was sitting on his seat and leaned towards the right. When the driver makes a turn to any street, he turns extremely slow and does not pickup the speed to match the road requirements. The same thing happens when traffic slows or pulling off from traffic lights. Extremely slow take off and takes too long to pick up the speed. Some people were hooting the whole way and they had to move to another lane to avoid us. Driver kept drifting to the left then over correcting and seldom used his indicators. He was driving 30km/h under the speed limit (90km/h was the speed limit and we ranged from 54-65km/h). Please get someone to check up on this driver for everyone’s safety.

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