Prime Taxi SHD2105C – ★ Terrible

30 Dec 2016   Geraldine Lim | Taxi Company: Prime Taxi
I wasn’t feeling well so I decided to hire a cab however I didn’t know that it could be so terrible. I told the driver Miss YAP YIN MAIN that I want to go to Seng Kang, she said that she needed to make a turn to pick up something at her place, so I said okay. Then she did not restart the fare meter which I had to pay extra, which I felt that it was so unfair. To make the matter worse, her seat is not straight and laid back the whole trip, and I was like “HUH? this sitting position can drive?” She was driving with one hand and the other hand she was using her phone talking, and it was very slow that made me even nausea. The trip was dangerous especially she honk when it is not necessary which thereby I conclude that she is a reckless driver and I am unlucky to hop on to this cab. Well, during the trip there is a road accident that make road jams and I can’t blame her for that. I am a driver myself, I don’t know how she had her licence, you guys better do something about it and this is my first time to encounter such unpleasant moment of my life which I do not want anyone to have the same experience as me.

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